Fandango - Inspiración

Fandango - Inspiración

An evening of danced joy of life and love

The fandango was the national dance of Spain in the 18th century - because this dance was and is simply danced joie de vivre. And to a certain extent also danced joy of love; even Giacomo Casanova explicitly praised the Fandango as "the most seductive and voluptuous dance in the world". And he should know...

We too succumbed to the seductive arts of the fandango. And with this program we would now like our audience to experience what is so fascinating about this dance, why even the most renowned composers of earlier times were inspired by it - from Rameau to Soler, Boccherini or Scarlatti to Gaspar Sanz.

But what would dances be without dance? - Half a thing. And that is why we are bringing this program to the stage together with the wonderful dancer Daniela Niemietz, who will transform our sounds into movement with breathtaking choreography. So let yourself be inspired, too, by the "most seductive and voluptuous dance in the world:
"By colorful sounds and intoxicating rhythms, by delightful fan play and beguiling dance steps!

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Dani Niemietz - dance
Inés Pina Pérez - baroque recorders
Juan González Martínez - baroque trombone (cond.)
Miguel Bellas - Spanish guitar, theorbo
Lea Suter - 16-foot harpsichord
Peter Kuhnsch - percussion


Sponsored by: Possehl-Stiftung and Kulturbüro Lübeck

In cooperation with Haus der Kulturen, Lübeck

  • Date : 08/09/2024
  • Time : 17:00 (Europe/Berlin)